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Oxford Series

For most librarians, the chance to remodel their libraries comes only once in the lifetime of their career.

  • Strong oak shelves
  • Rich beautiful colors
  • Lasting functionality
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You want that opportunity to leave a lasting impression of tradition and quality. Your thinking strong, solid oak shelves, rich beautiful colors and of course a functionality that will service generations to come.

The Oxford Series has been in production for decades and can be found in some of the most distinguished schools in the country. This line offers Paladin's newest circulation components that are breaking ground on making corners more functional. Dare to replace that dead space in the typical 90-degree corner units of the circulation desk with a new corner book drop or with the new corner patron accessible monitor stand unit. Put the new book drop bin to work for you. Available only in the Oxford line, this new unit will save you time and money. The books gather in the tilt bin on one side while the specially designed book truck is parked on the other, ready and waiting for you to stack the books for shelving. Look for more innovative ideas that build on the long standing needs of the modern librarian.

Oxford Table

  • Legs are made of 2 1/4" square glued up strips of solid oak
  • Attachment of leg to top is secured using heavy duty steel corner apron brackets with 4" lag bolt secured into the table leg
  • Apron is constructed from 1" thick oak veneer plywood and is an integral part of the leg attachment
  • Tops have a .050 high pressure laminate face and balancing sheet over a 1-1/8" particle board core with a 3/4" red oak trim
  • Edge band is a solid oak internal / external construction
  • Available in 30, 42, 48, 60, 72 and 90" combinations and in 42 or 48" round tables
  • Heights are available in 29" (adult), 27" (elementary) or 25" (primary) to top of surface
  • Computer tables and work stations are available with the same quality construction

Oxford Circulation Desk

  • End Panels are 3/4" thick oak veneer plywood
  • Front Panels feature rift cut red oak veneers for a more consistent finish and uniform appearance
  • Counter Tops are continuous, self edged tops, 29" made from .050 high pressure laminate with balancing sheet on a 1-1/8 thick particle board core
  • Modular Sectional Pieces are constructed of 3/4" rift cut oak veneer plywood using dowel, glued and screwed construction
  • Storage configurations include door, drawer and open shelf arrangements
  • Species of wood veneers available as standard include oak and maple. Other species are available upon request
  • Optional accessories include grommets, desk pedestals in 5 styles, key board pull outs and pencil drawers
  • New modular components include a book return flip bin with shelving book truck dock, a corner book drop to accommodate a depressible book truck and a corner on line monitor stand

Oxford Shelving

  • End Panels are 1" thick, solid northern red oak
  • Center Panels are 1" thick, solid northern red oak
  • Shelves are 3/4" solid northern red oak
  • Shelf Increments are adjustable in 1 1/4" increments
  • Shelf Clips are collared 5mm steel pins set in holes drilled 32mm
  • Top Fillers for shelving units 42" and 60" h utilizes durable high pressure laminate. Shelving units that are 72" and 82" h, top fillers are inverted so the wood veneers are visible.
  • Bases are constructed of 3 1/2" thick veneer core plywood
  • Backs are 1/4" and fully captured on top, bottom and both sides
  • H-Braces are provided on all 72 and 82"h units. This structural brace eliminates the end panels from bowing
  • Species of wood veneers available standard include Oak and Maple. Other species available upon request.
  • Optional accessories include Picture book shelves w/ Wire Dividers, Magazine Display Shelves.