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Arcadia Series

Are you tired of the endless mess of wires under your circulation desk?

  • Fully concealed wire management
  • Change out or add communication systems easily
  • Patron ledges and work surface sections
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What about a new circulation desk built with a wire management system that is easy for you to access through the top of your work surface in any section of your circulation desk? Wire management that is fully concealed in a 4" wide raceway with portals from one section to the other. Patron ledges and work surface sections that pop off without the use of any tools so you can change out or add to you communication system easily. The new Arcadia Circulation desk offers all of this and much more.

For the first time you can purchase a modular circulation desk that offers a designer's circular or semi-circular floor plan without the designer and contractor price tag. The Arcadia shells are 45 and 30-degree sections joined together to create a perfect circle.

Have you already out grown your current storage capacity? Or is the configuration just not working any longer. With the new Arcadia Circulation desk shell and insert configuration these growth problems are easily handled. With the shell and insert configurations, insert sections can be switched around from shell to shell or even be replaced with new inserts as your storage needs and personnel change from year to year. Let us see what solutions Paladin Caseworks has for your furniture needs.

Arcadia Table

  • Legs are made of 2 1/4" square glued up strips of solid oak
  • Attachment of leg to top is secured using a 5" x 5" steel leg plate with all metal-tometal attachment
  • Tops have a .050 high pressure laminate face and balancing sheet over a 1-1/8" particle board core with a 3/4" red oak edge band
  • Edge band is a solid oak internal / external construction
  • Available in 30, 42, 48, 60, 72 and 90" combinations and in 42 or 48" round tables
  • Heights are available in 29" (adult), 27" (elementary) or 25" (primary) to top of surface
  • Computer tables and work stations are available with the same quality construction

Arcadia Circulation Desk

  • End Panels are 3/4" thick rift cut oak veneer plywood
  • Front Panels feature rift cut red oak veneer for a more consistent finish and uniform appearance.
  • Counter Tops are continuous self edged tops, .050 high pressure laminate with balancing sheet on a 1-1/8" thick particle board core
  • Modular Sectional Pieces are constructed of 3/4" slate gray melamine with MDF core, using dowel, glued and screwed construction
  • Storage configurations include door, drawer and open shelf arrangements
  • Wire Management is top down access through removable sections of the patron ledge or counter top. Raceway is 4"w with grommet accesses through either side and through 3" surface grommets
  • Circular Shell components are available is 30 and 45- degree units with a selection of 7 different inserts
  • Species of wood veneers available as standard include Oak and Maple. Other species are available upon request.
  • Optional accessories include grommets, desk pedestals in 5 styles, key board pull outs and pencil drawers

Arcadia Shelving

  • End Panels are 1" thick rift cut oak veneer plywood
  • Center Panels are also 1" thick rift cut oak veneer plywood
  • Shelves are 1" oak veneer plywood or optional 18 gauge powder coated steel shelves
  • Shelf Increments are adjustable in 1 1/4" increments
  • Shelf Pins are collared 5mm steel pins set in holes drilled 32mm on center
  • Top Fillers for shelving units 42", 48" and 60" h utilize durable high pressure laminate surfaces. Shelving units that are 72" and 82" h require top fillers that are inverted so the wood veneers are visible inside the shelving unit.
  • Bases are constructed of 3 1/2" veneer core plywood
  • Backs are 1/4" fully captured in top, bottom and both sides
  • H-Braces are provided on all 72 and 82"h units. This structural brace eliminates the end panels from bowing
  • Species of wood veneers available standard include Oak and Maple. Other species available upon request.
  • Optional accessories include picture book shelves w/ wire dividers, magazine display shelves, steel backstop shelves and mobile shelving with fully welded base frames